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Dog hates storms? Did you know they can take human melatonin? This blocks the seratonin in their brains that makes them worry. Best part, its non-toxic! :)

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The Baby. Sweetest instigator there is.

Meet the Pack

     Hello! My name is Julie. As a pet owner, I always look for special places to take my pets. I have 5 dogs, 2 of which are paralyzed from the neck down. It has always been my dream to help others with their pets. It gives me no better joy than having your pet walk out of my store happy and healthy that will be with your family for years and years. My store is based on USA sourced ingredients and many years of experience trying new and different things.

     If you have a question, I have an answer! (Or I'll find it!) Pet have severe allergies? Come see me! Pet have itchy ears? Come see me!  Have an older pet with hip issues? Come see me! I have 9 years experience in different retail pet supply stores and many experiences as a pet owner. I look forward to helping your pet with his or her ailment with all natural, food, treats, supplements, etc!

Cindy, Freeway, Ike, and Fudge  will be happy to see you too!

-Julie Jensen, Owner, Manager


Cindy- Lou

Puppy mill rescue Momma, sweet as pie


The loudmouth. Very sensitive to your mood

Bad breath? You should try Petz Life. It comes in a spray or a gel and does not require brushing. Results can be seen in 7 days!

Do you want your cat to stop doing that? Use grapefruit. They hate the citrus. Put grapefruit halves around any place to make a cat-proof barrier!

Does your dog have a dry nose? Rub some organic coconut oil on it. It works like lotion and they can lick it off to help their skin and coat as well!


Momma's sweet boy. Found on the side of the road at 3 months.